Virus Protection

The importance of antivirus software cannot be underestimated!

These days, not having anti-virus on your computer is like handing a criminal the keys to your home. Once in, they can cause havoc or steal important items from you at any time. Today’s internet provides many ways for virus attacks and there are now thousands of threats. To be safe from these, it is vital to have your computer protected at all times.

A virus, or malware, can make your computer run slowly, damage parts of the system, be used to steal personal details, send out unauthorized messages, and also move from machine to machine in a network environment.

Antivirus software protects your system from harmful virus, worms and attacks through a scanning process. It detects suspicious websites and files that contain malicious programs before they enter your computer and block malicious tracking software from being downloaded to your system.

The Merging Technologies Group can help with single PC protection or server and endpoint protection.

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