Custom Software Applications

Custom software can be as large or as small as your needs warrant. The Merging Technologies Group can modify an already created TMTG custom solution, create a small module to link software systems already in place, or design a robust solution that is unique to your specific business. TMTG will provide an affordable solution that meets your company’s expectations and budget while ensuring that the product delivered offers value added to the process it is supporting. Systems may range from simple programs that aid in data entry to complete business management applications, which will work with any number of users.

Why Custom Software?

Custom software is designed to the unique processes of your business, making your workflow easier, faster, and more efficient. Moreover, you get increased flexibility and tailored support and maintenance.

What Is Custom Software?

Custom software is the process of converting your business processes into computer applications that help make your business easier and more efficient. We analyze your business procedures, work hand in hand with you to consolidate these procedures into simple, easy, and effective computer programs.

Custom Applications Can:

  • Reduce repeat work
  • Work with existing data
  • Speed up critical tasks
  • Provide multi-user applications
  • Integrate with existing software packages
  • Provide customized reporting