Onsite/Offsite Data Backup

To keep your data safe and secure, a combination of onsite and offsite backups are a must!

We all know the important concept of having a local or onsite backup. Precious data critical to business flow can get damaged or deleted accidentally. However, there is a critical flaw in relying solely on onsite backup – it runs under the presumption that the local area is safe from harm. What happens to your data in the event of a local disaster, be it man-made (theft, sabotage) or natural (fire, flood, etc.)? This is where off-site backup becomes an important consideration, the goal of which is placing backup data elsewhere, out of harm’s way.

Onsite Backup Solutions automatically replicate data securely across your own private network. You may use your own hardware or choose from our line of backup drives. Keep physical and virtual systems protected—and when disaster strikes; easily restore data from quickly accessible backups.

Many businesses use Dropbox, Google Drive and other online storage websites to store backup copies of important files. This is not the same as a true system backup. A true offsite backup service enables you to create automated backups of your complete network and store as many versions of backups as you need.

Cloud backups are secure offsite copies of data that are stored on remote servers and accessed via an Internet connection. Cloud backups are an excellent option for providing additional redundancy and security for businesses that want to ensure their important data is available if and when an onsite disaster strikes.

The Merging Technologies Group can help you set up a complete onsite/ offsite data backup solution today.

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