No matter the size of your business, The Merging Technologies Group can provide a complete package of professional IT services. TMTG offers Network/Server support, Desktop/Laptop support, Support Plans, New Installations and Upgrades. Keeping the customer’s cost in mind; The Merging Technologies Group will try to integrate existing equipment into the picture wherever possible.

When generic “off the shelf” software does not meet your business needs, let The Merging Technologies Group customize one of their already existing custom software applications that will enable you to completely achieve your business objectives. Software solutions are either web-based, networked or stand-alone solutions. Examples include: Point of Sale Applications, Customer Management Systems, Inventory/ Asset Tracking Software, Database Management Systems and Document Management Software.

For businesses today, data is the most valuable and irreplaceable asset. It is also the most vulnerable. In seconds, data can become corrupted, deleted, stolen or lost - crippling your business. With Ransomware and other Encryption Virus Attacks increasing in frequency, your data has never been more at risk. TMTG offers complete onsite and offsite backup solutions.

Your website is your businesses virtual storefront. The world will judge your business from this storefront. A professional website will establish you company’s credibility and position your business as a solution for your customer’s needs. The Merging Technologies Group can design, develop, improve and maintain your company’s website.

You are well aware that today cyber security risks are higher than ever and will only get worse in the future. Thousands of businesses are being exploited due to insufficient protection and dated security habits. The Merging Technologies Group will provide personal antivirus solutions or business (server-endpoint) antivirus solutions.